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...if you’ve used S4’s, there are no compromises in quality of what we’re making here... it’s the same designers who did the S4’s; it’s the same mechanical team. So if you can take a S4 at T/2 and imagine it shrunk down to T/2.8, it’s the same optical quality...”
— Les Zellen, Chairman of Cooke Optics

Who are we? is a small rental service located in Los Angeles, CA. We carry all focal lengths, multiple sets, and all sorts of modifications and accessories to outfit your production. We also ship nationwide for out-of-state productions. Please enjoy this website, as it was created to help explain the technical specs and potential of Cooke Mini S4's! 

Cooke Mini S4/i

Although one stop slower in aperture, Cooke Mini S4/i lenses are smaller in size, lighter in weight, have larger image circles, and are less expensive to rent than their beloved big brothers, the Cooke S4/i's. Designed by the same team, built in the same factory, and made of the same materials, the Mini S4's are a perfect match.  The Mini S4's also have multiple mount options, optional uncoated front and rear elements, and a common 82mm screw-in filter threads for even more versatility. 

While testing the [Cooke Mini] 100mm T/2.8, there were several surprises, all good. It looks, feels and acts like the Cooke S4/i and 5/i series lenses: the same silky, floating feeling as you pull focus... no binding or resistance... and the smooth cosmetic Cooke Look... This is by no means a Cooke Lite, less filling and wimpy. Not so.”
— - Jon Fauer, ASC
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Take a closer look at Cooke Mini

The Cooke Mini S4/i lenses have many wonderful features which sets them apart. Take a look at a few below


Looking for the Cooke Look but want something a little different? Click to see the difference between factory coatings, uncoated fronts, and uncoated front + rear element combos. Vintage flavor in a modern lens.

image circle coverage

The Cooke Mini S4/i lenses have larger image circles than their big brothers, the Cooke S4's. While the manufacturer spec is 33.54mm, click to see how far you can push these lenses. 


Take a look at this color rendition test between Cooke Mini S4/i and Cooke S4/i lenses, to see how well they match and intercut.