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Here at Cooke Mini Rentals, we not only offer every focal length, but offer multiple sets and uncoated sets. This means you can order whatever your production needs. Need just a few lenses? Break the set! Doing multi-cam and want to double up on a couple of focal lengths? Do it! We have no minimum or maximum lens rental requirement. Many rental houses groan and moan if you only want four lenses... we don't. We'll do any number; whatever is right for your production.

We are located in Los Angeles, but we ship nationwide and we do not charge rental days for the time your lenses are in-transit!  Your rental starts on delivery and ends when lenses are shipped for return. 

If you need something you don't see on this website, please be sure to ask when submitting a quote request. We've often provided our clients with the odds and ends gear they've needed to complete their package and saved them from needing to add another vendor. Filters? Mattebox? Wireless Focus Unit? Just ask. We specialize in lenses, but have close relationships with local rental houses which allow us to pass through little accessories to make your lens order complete.

These are our list prices. You may qualify for discounts, so please submit a quote. Thanks!

These are our list prices. You may qualify for discounts, so please submit a quote. Thanks!


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Complete the form below to submit a quote request. We love to look at every production/rental individually when we quote our lenses. Tell us who you are, what you're doing, and we'll whip up a quote and get back to you right away.

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